SPAIN Tour Proposal
March 27 - April 03, 2019. BARCELONA

About Us

After many years in the sports industry, tempted by new ideas and challenges, a group of internationally established professionals decided to make a step forward in helping youngsters achieve success through soccer. Each of us, with our diverse soccer backgrounds, contributes to the everyday activities of Master Sports, thus connecting soccer people from all corners of the world. The fact that we enjoy what we do contributes very much to our creation of innovative solutions and win-win situations for us and our stakeholders. The more our athletes grow, the greater the success! Most importantly, everything we do has a uniquely personal touch.

Master Sports provides bespoke services to numerous parties, whether coaches, teams, clubs or associations, and of course, to nurture and promote soccer. Our job is to create opportunities for growth by tailoring programs for players and coaches, such as international team travel, pre-season training, masterclasses, international show case games, international tournaments and holiday camps.

Our Team

All of our team members are dedicated, ethical, responsive, professional and compassionate individuals who care about needs of our partners at all times

Head of Business Development

Twenty years’ experience in football development at local, national and international levels. He is an accomplished innovator, implementing international development programs and standards to ensure mass participation growth, elite player development and significant organisational improvement.

Head of Operations

Former professional athlete with more than fifteen years’ experience in successfully developing events from ideation to execution. She is a dynamic project and event leader resulted in overseeing numerous international and high-profile sports events worldwide with up to 11.500 participants. With expertise in winning key partnerships, she excels at maximizing event attendance and enhancing marketing and promotional messaging.

Aleksandar MILENOVIC
Head of Sport Programmes

He has been involved in professional football since the age of 20 as a player and now as a youth academy manager and coach with a passion for developing young talent and identifying potential players from around the world.

Program Coordinator

More than 10 years’ experience in event and project management, marketing, public relations, customer experience and digital communications within the international environment in the sports industry. She is a dedicated business developer and excellent organiser of social networks for aspiring athletes and coaches.


Soccer is much more than just an industry, far more than mere numbers and statistics. It is a place where different cultures are encountered, and yet interacting according to the rules of the game. It brings so many opportunities for personal development, all in the spirit of the game, providing a sense of togetherness and satisfaction to both the players and the numerous spectators. It is a way of life and is the way we attain habits that positively impact our lives, our entire communities and our overall perceptions of the world we live in. That’s what soccer is – helping individuals and entire communities to evolve and become better. Soccer is about fun, joy, growth, opportunities, self-esteem, fair play and respect. Above all, soccer is about people.


Team travel

Travel and participate in a soccer learning experience to remember, and experience the best soccer training sessions at the official training sites for the first teams and academies of top European soccer clubs. Master Sports provides professional services for those teams and individuals willing to master their soccer skills in an international environment. Our programs are exclusively designed to meet the requirements of each team and individual to the best of their needs and above their expectations.

Participate in some of the best tournaments, play against some of the biggest professional clubs and experience some of the world’s fascinating cultures through sport. Train with professional certified coaches at state-of-the-art facilities. Experience genuine European soccer settings! You will participate in pre-arranged competitive friendly games against top academy teams plus a couple of practice sessions.

Each participant at the Camp will receive a tracksuit, training shirt, t-shirt and a polo shirt, diploma and assessment certificate with guidelines for personal development.

Games and training sessions will be organized at first-class sports facilities. Master Sports will take care of the sports facilities reservations, and we will help and support you by organizing the training program and equipment that will benefit you the most.

Masterclass, preseason camp and show-case

Master Sports provides young gifted players (U19 and older) an opportunity to experience top professional European and South American football and to be trained by the most famous world cup performers, both as players and managers! Players really do experience what it feels like being a member of a squad that participates in the most prominent European and global competitions.

The 3-in-1 program (masterclass, preseason camp and show-case), endorsed by renowned experts, participants of the competitions such as UEFA Champions League, is designed to ensure a true skills assessment, efficient preparation, personal growth and a high degree of motivation. Carefully designed sessions, masterclasses and friendly games in breathtaking sports settings are our formula for you to achieve your desired soccer goals. While fully utilizing modern methods of teaching soccer technical and tactical skills, the Master Sports preseason camp is also a research center for investigating and assessing all relevant factors that ensure successful development and participation in the game.

The staff comprises a carefully selected team of internationally renowned soccer technical experts, coaching specialists, medical team, kit managers, public relations officers and administrators.

Holiday Camps

Your child will participate in a soccer learning experience to remember and undergo the best soccer training sessions at official training sites for first teams and academies.

The limited number of participants and relatively large number of coaches ensures that each participant is afforded a lot of attention. Sessions are extremely efficient: each coach handles a group of no more than ten players. In general, a total of 20 training sessions, inclusive of friendlies, is held during a 5-day period. Besides teaching complex sports activity elements with a special focus on learning and mastering specific soccer skills, the principal aims include broader sports and theoretical education, fellowship, fun and free play. While fully utilizing modern methods of teaching soccer technical skills, the Master Sports camp is also a research center for investigating and assessing all relevant factors that ensure successful development and participation in the game.

Our Camps also offer a wealth of opportunity for education and advanced education, especially for coaches performing with children.


“Thank you for letting me accompany you and the team to Italy
this past week. I enjoyed it a lot and had a lot of fun growing
as a player and getting to know everyone on the team.
Thanks for acknowledging my birthday as well.” - Andrew Grotenhuis

“Thank you for organizing this wonderful experience for the boys!
We are so thrilled for Andrew to go and he too is excited for it all.
What a unique way to spend his 18th birthday, too!” - Kathy Moore